Frank,Thank you for putting me onto the greatest fishing adventure of mylife! At first when I was corresponding with you I was cautious toensure that what you were offering was, in fact, real. Sorry but Ijust didn’t know you and unfortunately there are too many scams outthere. As it turned out this trip was even BETTER than what you hadpromised!!!!!! You were extremely reliable and responsive at alltimes. The trip with Cptn Peacock was really top notch! Theaccomodations were luxurious and extremely comfortable. The staff wereincredible attentive and welcoming at all times. The daily laundryservice was an absolute treat! The food was fabulous. Mostimportantly.. the fishing was INCREDIBLE! I have fished in many‘exotic’ spots but this trip ‘took the cake!’. If any of yourprospective guests would like a reference please feel free to havethem contact me anytime. Thanks again for yours and Captain Peacocksfabulous service and trip!!!!!20 LB.

Amazon Peacock Bass