Return clients Keisuke and Miku Ota from Japan came down for 4 great day’s of fishing.

Day 1 was focused on snakehead they were successful in catching 3 up to 58 cm
plus peacock bass a largemouth . They were using top water plastics from Japan.

I think Miku is the most colorful dressed angler I have ever seen

K Snakehead 15K Miku


Day 2 Peacock Bass – 9 Peacock bass were caught plus a Mylan all on jerk baits and one on top water.

K Miku 1stK Pea 1


Day 3- Largemouth in The Everglades, What a great day K and myself had as Miku opted to shop at The Sawgrass Mall from 10 AM-10-PM.


K Ev 2everglades largemouth bass fishing


We landed over 40 bass not to count the ones we missed. The bait of choice was Gambler’s EZ swimmer, and a few on an Ace (sanko) . we had 6 Bass over 4 LB. with the biggest at 6 lb.

k Me Ev

On Day 4 they decided for  Peacock Bass to end this great trip of many fond memories and photos. This couple caught 11 peacock bass some largemouth a Mylan and K got a bonus by catching 2 Jacks’s.

Then on the very last cast of the trip Miku hooked in to and landed this beauty which was the biggest of the trip.


K JackK Miku 15

We also had a great lunch at Sonia’s, for an excellent Cuban  cuisine 

Sonia's pix

I have to say Miku was a real trouper after getting hooked 3 times and she got K back 1 time. This has to be a record , I have to say that Bill Dance method of hook removal really works as I had taken one from the one from the thigh and one from the face.

Keisuke has been a client for the past 10 years and has join me twice in The Amazon where his biggest was 19 LB..