Today was a great day for Charlie Vogelsand from St Lous , MO. as he battled in a Trophy Male Butterfly Miami Peacock Bass. This fight took every bit of 8-10 mins. to bring in being Charlie only has 10 lb. test line on . With a quality line by Vicious and a sharp # 1 Daiichi Bleeding Hook helped to successfully land this “HAWG”.

Florida Trophy 7.3 LB>

 Now we can’t forget the birthday boy Tony Gianino also from STL as he had the most catches. Together this Duo caught over 40 Bass , besides the monster they also had a 4.3 Lb. and 4 over 3 lb.
This was an enjoyable day as we talked most of the day about The Good Italian food from “The Hill” if your from MO. you’ll know what I mean. Also the Great Italian restaurants we have here in Florida.
Here are some other satisfied client in the past week.
Dan Wyeth and his Son Justin from Ohio caught 22 and Dan also catching this nice Largemouth Bass. See that’s the nice thing about fishing South Florida on the same trip you can catch both species.
Then there was Jed and Lisa Dickens from Georgia as they show off the “cutest” double ever caught in Hawghunter history
From Florida I had Patrick Stakausky who took his Dad Fishing for the day. They had a great day as Pat landed a nice 5 lb. to top the day off.
Right now the peacock Bass Fishing is fantastic and if you can make it on down , come on you won’t regret it.
Capt. Frank Carbone , “The Hawghunter” is ready 7 days a week