This past weekend I had a nice couple from NC Brian & Wanda Grice. Wanda being the nice wife that she is gave this to t her husband as Christmas gift.

On day one we headed to Blue Lagoon for a day of fishing for Peacock bass. Well my favorite weather girl lied to me , Julie said there was going to be no rain until late afternoon. Well needless to say she was wrong, and got drenched. The wind and rain never let up the entire day.


Brian started thing off with a Mylan cichlid, and Wanda catching her first peacock bass.

Grice Wanda wet Grice 2


With the wind blowing strong we headed to the canals. the water was cleaner and the fishing was better. By noon and totally soaked we went to Sonia’s for a great Cuban lunch.

Now on day 2 , it was a totally different day it was beautiful no wind and mostly sunny and a high of 84 degrees.

Thing started out with the same as yesterday with the couple on their first cast catching these 2 nice fish Brian with a nice 6 lb Bass and Wanda with a peacock Bass over 4 lb. 19.5 “.

Grice WandaGrice LMGrice lm2

They caught several peacock & largemouth bass Brian even battled a huge blue cat. The great thing about fishing South Florida it’s the only place you can catch both species on the same trip.

After the 2 Days of fishing Brian caught the biggest Largemouth and Wanda catching the biggest Peacock Bass which she is mounting as this was her biggest fish she ever caught.

After they battled these peacock bass they are looking to join me this fall in The Amazon.
So get out of the cold and join me this winter and see what all the talk is about with these hard fighting Bass.