This past week I had Long time clients and friends Cindy & Charlie Freeman formally from TX. now living in
Flippin AK.

Day 1 started how with Cindy catching the first of 32 Peacock bass that was caught that day . On this day it was mostly Charlie and ending the day with a nice 4 .5 Lb .

Florida peacock bass,Miami peacock bass fishing,peacock bassCCakes charlie2

Now on Day 2 – The couple started out slow in one of my prime spots , I was disappointed with only catching 3 small ones, so I moved on through the canals system to some of my old spot. Once there it was like a new day. Charlie hooks up with a beauty 5 LB. Male Butterfly Peacock Bass. Then on the next cast lost a bigger one.

Charlie 's 5 LB. Peacock Bass

Charlie ‘s 5 LB. Peacock Bass

Now we were all thinking that this was going to be the big fish of the day ,“NOT”. Cindy 5 mins later hooks into a fish of a life time a Florida Trophy  7.4 LB.  

Ccakes 7.4 Ccakes& Charlie



After catching two trophies we took a lunch break , Cindy thinking she was done for the day  and sat back as Charlie put several more in the boat. As we neared ending time, I decide to take them back to a spot where we saw a big peacock , but couldn’t catch him earlier that morning. Once there Charlie popped another peacock , so Lady Luck gets up tosses a bait into the water and “BAM”the fight is on again , this time much more action, ripping line and a struggle to get him in . This Trophy weigh-in at 6.84 LB.

Trophy 6.84 LB.

Trophy 6.84 LB.

Watch the Battle, sit back and enjoy the action


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