Well Hawghunter Guide Service ended 2013 with a Bang on Lake Okeechobee.
First I had a Female, avid angler Lisa Gordon from Virginia, that single handed caught near 30 Bass up to 6 lb. Lisa stated , ” this was the best fishing Trip she has ever been on in a long time”.
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Then I had a great group of Guys from MN. Brad Arntson and Mike and his Son Bobby. While fishing in 70 degree weather back home was a chilling -7 Below, berrrr!
The day started out with Bobby landing the First bass within 15 seconds and never stopped from there.
Even though the weatherman was wrong as usual they handled winds blowing out of the North at 15 mph +.
 BradLake okeechobee bass fishing
The boys took turns catching one after the other. At the days end they had caught nearly 50 bass including 2 – 6 lb.  2 – 5 lb.  8 – over 4 lb. and several 3 lb. with a few over 2 lb. all on Wild Shiners.
The boys had a great time, stating never in their lives did they catch so many bass and as big. They just don’t have them that size in MN. They are looking toward a return visit.
ALL the Bass today were released today for the next angler to catch, “YOU”.
Brad is planning on join me hopefully this Oct , in The Amazon for the Monster Peacock Bass, if anyone is interested in joining me on Oct 11- 18, 2014 I will be hosting this trip.
 Me 2012 22 lb.
From “The Original, “Hawghunter Guide Service Capt. Frank Carbone and staff of licensed and insured guides, Wish you a Healthy and Safe Happy New Years. Good Fishin’